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Sri Lankan CCTV video spread in India with religious background!


Is this act safe for Indians?

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The video shows a quiet Muslim man attacking another bystander with an iron bar hidden in his hand, followed by shocking CCTV footage of the victim being loaded into an auto and taken away.

The 1.30 minute video is being shared in India in several languages ​​such as Tamil and Hindi. The video, titled A Muslim Man Attacks a Hindu and has been shared by thousands on Twitter.

Fact Check:

The language spoken by the viewers of the CCTV video is similar to that of Sinhala. The auto in the video is also from Sri Lanka. Some even mention the country of “Sri Lanka” in the comments of the video.

On February 26, on the Sri Lankan Facebook page Accident Prevention 1st, in a specific post in Sinhala with this video, it was mentioned that the incident took place in Kandy, Sri Lanka and that he may even be a psychologically ill person. No Sri Lankan news has been released regarding the incident.

The Fact Crescendo site reported that the incident took place in the Kalaha area of ​​Kandy. The added, “This attack did not happen for religious reasons. That Muslim person is psychologically ill. He was immediately arrested and is being treated at a hospital, “said Rodrigo Fact Crescendo.

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It is noteworthy that before this, CCTV footage of a Muslim person engaging in child abuse in Pakistan was misrepresented as it was happened in India along with religious views.


In our search, a video spread in India that a Muslim person brutally assaulted a Hindu incident in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, it is possible that the attacker was psychologically ill and had no religious background to the attack.

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