Did a muslim man threaten a police officer in Karanataka to meet him after removing the uniform?

Old video used from 2018 is used to falsely claim so.


Victory of Congress: The Chief Minister has not even taken oath yet and this is the situation in Karnataka.

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Did a Muslim man threaten a police officer in Karnataka before CM even could take oath? Here’s a little background. Congress has won in Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections in 2023 with 135 seats defeating the incumbent BJP which was reduced to 66 seats. The JD(S) managed to win just 19 seats. The Congress gained 55 seats compared to the previous election, whereas the BJP and the JD (S) lost 38 and 18 seats respectively. There is a suspense regarding who’ll get the Chief Minister post as there is a tug of war between Karnataka Congress President DK Shivakumar and the former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Now, a video is being circulated in social media showing a Muslim man arguing with a police man and he can be heard saying “take off your uniform and then meet me.” Many users in social media have been sharing this video with claims insinuating that there is a rise of Muslims doing atrocities after Congress’ win in Karnataka which can be seen here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

When we took the key frames of the video and analysed it, we found out that this video has been around since 2018, see here. From the longer version of the video, we can ascertain that the video is from Maharashtra by the Police Officer’s uniform.

Upon further search, we found out that the video was already used to spread misinformation in 2022 during the Jahangirpuri communal violence in Delhi in April 2022 which can be seen here and here.

What was the actual incident in 2018?

A police officer allegedly manhandled a fruit seller as his stall was blocking the way causing traffic and his father and grandfather argued with the police officer and that’s when the statement in the viral video was made when the man can be heard saying come without uniform and meet me. A case was filed regarding the threat for stopping a public officer from discharging his duties.

After Congress’ win:

The same video has been reused now with aims to construct a perception among people’s minds that there is rise of atrocities by muslims, after Congress’ win in Karnataka. YouTurn had already fact-checked similar claims like that after the Karnataka election results.

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This video is not from Karnataka and not taken in 2023 after Karnataka election results. An unrelated old video from 2018 taken in Maharashtra is used to falsely claim that Muslims in Karnataka are even threatening the policemen after Congress’ win.


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