Did Muslim women from Karnataka drop a toddler while fighting?

A video from Saudi Arabia taken in 2018 is shared to claim that muslim women in Karnataka dropped a toddler several times on the road while fighting.



No.1 Video from Bengaluru. WTF Aunty G Abdul  wife What did this kid do to you  😒  Kill each other no issue but what’s this kid fault ?? “Kerala Story”matty taylor

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As Karnataka Elections are just hours, the campaigns from political parties have settled down. But in social media, the campaign continues to rage on in various ways and many individuals continue to canvass for their party of choice. Moreover, the usual political rhetoric continues on social media unhinged. A video is being shared virally on social media with claims that muslim women in Karnataka fight by the roadside during which a toddler was thrown up and down multiple times, possibly injuring the toddler.

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What’s the truth?

When we took the keyframes of the video and reverse image searched it, we were able to find out that the incident is from 2018. The video is also not from Karnataka as claimed in social media. The video is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The video was posted on YouTube back in September 2018.

Many news outlets such as The Sun, The Daily Mail, India Times have covered the incident in 2018.

Moreover, a closer look at the cars in the video would reveal that they are not from India, as there are Urdu/Arabic letters in the numberplate and the registration numbering system is different from what is followed in India.


A video from Saudi Arabia taken in 2018 is shared in social media claiming to be from Karnataka but these claims are false.

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