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Contraceptives in Muslim shop biryani? Doctor’s opinion.


Contraceptives are being used in the hotels run by Muslims to make Hindus impotent. Hindus, please do not buy anything from Muslim shops.

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Pictures of a person with biryani and tablets claiming that biryani is laced with contraceptives in Muslim hotels against Hindus are viral on social media.

Such claims not only increases tension on people’s health but also would lead to conflict between Hindus and Muslims. Hence we get into fact-checking.

What is the Truth?

When the image of the tablets is reverse searched, it is found that the tablet is ‘combination birth control pills’. A general image of the tablet was used in the viral claim.

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When the picture of the person is reverse searched, 24th September 2018 dated Indian Muslim biryani making video was found with the same picture as its thumbnail. But we could not get the whereabouts of the person.

When we reached Dr Praveen to get to know the impacts of consuming food laced with contraceptives, “The tablets in the picture are oral contraceptive pills. They have estrogen and progesterone hormones. Women have their menstruation cycle every 28 days. And if they wish to prevent themselves from getting pregnant they can consume the said tablet after their periods. For 21 days it is hormone tablets and for the rest 7 days it is vitamin tablets, the difference can be found by just seeing the tablets. The said tablet is a common one prescribed by doctors and the government. The estrogen and progesterone hormones exist in females and not in males. This tablet is to be taken every day, skipping it for two consecutive days would end up in the menstrual cycle. Consuming only one pill or taking it as a whole is of no use. Contraceptive pills are mostly for women. And is for temporary use. Men don’t use pills as they have sperms in millions. A pill named Gossypol was introduced for men. However, the impact seems to be less and is temporary too.

As per the claim even if all 21 tablets are laced with the food, it would just create headache and vomit due to excess hormone intake and will end up in menstruation after two or three days. This tablet does not control conception permanently. When men consume all 21 tablets together, they might experience hair fall or breast pain. Consuming just one tablet will not create any difference. Sperm production requires testosterone hormone. Additionally, we don’t have any idea of the reaction of mixing the tablet with hot food. However, consuming tablets once will not make one infertile. Permanent contraception can only be achieved through surgery. Unnecessary tension is being created by spreading such fake news”, he explained.

The claim did not have the details of the hotel name or its location. And no specific details on the incident was said. We found no clues of any such incident. This fake claim seems to be created with an intention to have friction between Hindus and Muslims.

This is not new to see such fake news. In 2018, in Ambara, Sri Lanka, a conflict between Muslims and Sinhalese was developed based on the rumour that the biryani in their shops is laced with contraceptives. The hotel was demolished and was set on fire.

It can be seen that such fake news were spread to create hatred on other religions. There are rumours against all religions, and this is never-ending.


The claim that contraceptives are being used in the hotels run by Muslims to make Hindus impotent is baseless and fake.

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