No, Nagercoil Kasi’s father did not join any political party!


Kasi’s father joined the BJP. Thangapandian, the father of Nagercoil Kasi, who was arrested in a rape case, joined the BJP. Appointed as Assistant Secretary of Kanyakumari District Cultural Team.

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A Thanthi TV news card is going viral on social media that Thangapandian, father of Kasi, who is in prison for sexual assault in Nagercoil, has now joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and has been appointed as the Deputy Secretary of the Kanyakumari District Cultural Team.

What is the truth?

Kasi from Nagercoil was arrested by the police in 2020 for tricking young girls into falling in love with him, threatening to release pornographic films by extorting money and sexually assaulting them. The case against Kasi, who is in jail under the Goondas Act, has been handed over to the CBCID and the investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, Kasi’s father Thangapandian has been booked for destroying evidence related to the sexual assault allegations. As a result, Thangapandian was arrested and jailed. Later he filed a petition in court seeking bail.

When this case came up for hearing before Madurai High Court Judge Pugazhendhi, it is reported in the news that “bail has been granted with conditions not to intimidate the witnesses”.

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Searching for a news card circulating about Kasi’s father Thangapandian joining the BJP in Nagercoil did not reveal any such news. Also, while checking the social media pages of the Thanthi TV channel, there is a news card that Kasi’s father was granted bail on August 24.

They have edited the fake news in the news card that appeared on August 24 on Thanthi TV that Kasi’s father had been granted bail. Also, they are editing and spreading rumours that Kasi’s father has joined the DMK.


The Thanthi TV news card circulating that Thangapandian, the father of Nagercoil Kasi, who was arrested in the sexual assault case, joined the BJP/DMK is fake.

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