Nagpur Koradi Cultural Centre is falsely shared as Ayodhya Ram temple


Inside view of Shriraam temple Ayodhya. Final finishing work going on

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In the 44-second viral video, we could see a vast space filled with beautiful ceiling-hanging chandelier lights, picture frames with descriptions below each image, and some border fence, many people walking and roaming along those arts and taking pictures.

This post was shared with a claim stating that this is the inside view of the Shriram temple of Ayodhya, where finishing work is going on. This same viral clip was widely spread on social media with similar claims that can be viewed here, here,and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research, first we noted the logo present on all the viral clips shared on social media. The watermark read “Nagpur Experiences” along with a minute YouTube logo on all the videos. We took that as the cue and searched for the “Nagpur Experiences” on YouTube.

We also found a 9-minute 58-second video uploaded by the “Nagpur Experiences” on 8 July 2023. The video was titled, “Koradi Ram Mandir Nagpur || Shri Ram Dham || 1st video on YouTube.”

This clearly proves that it’s not from Ayodhya but the video is from Koradi Ram temple located at Nagpur.

Meanwhile, we also got a shorts from YouTube dated 8 July 2023 with a title, “shree Ram Dham || Koradi Mandir || Nagpur ram mandir”

We also did the comparison of both the viral claim video and the original video from the YouTube page.

Both are same video clips except for the captions which are changed from the original Kora temple situated at Nagpur to Ayodhya.

On further search we found articles published by dated on 5 July 2023 with a title, “President Murmu inaugurates Cultural Centre of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Koradi.”

According to the article, “Inculcating Indian values and informing the young generations of our rich culture and heritage, said President of India Draupadi Murmu. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan through its over 350 institutions are contributing to this cause with dedication.”

However, we got reports from ‘Business Today’ an article published on 14 September 2023, that the Ram temple in Ayodhya to be opened for devotees in January.


Thus, with all the above evidence, we conclude that the circulated viral clip is from the Koradi Nagpur Ramayana Cultural Centre and not from Ayodhya.

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