This article is from Sep 15, 2021

Old news spreading as Nalini Chidambaram to appeal in Supreme court against DMK’s NEET bill !


Will appeal in Supreme Court if Tamil Nadu brings ordinance on NEET – Nalini Chidambaram

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A Thanthi news card claiming that Nalini Chidambaram, lawyer and wife of Former Finance Minister P.Chidambaram, said, she will appeal in SC if Tamil Nadu brings ordinance on NEET, is being circulated on social media.

What is the Truth?

There is no recent news on Nalini Chidambaram appealing in SC against the bill passed by DMK seeking exemption from NEET. It is well known two years back that Nalini Chidambaram supports NEET and we have published an article on the same.

The viral claim was on Thanthi TV news in 2017 when Nalini Chidambaram said they will appeal in SC if Tamil Nadu brings ordinance on NEET.

When Nalini Chidambaram met the reporters in 2017 during the ordinance passed by ADMK, “We will appeal in SC if the President approves the ordinance passed by Tamil Nadu government seeking an exception for a year from NEET. This ordinance is unconstitutional. Claiming this ordinance as beneficial to rural students is not true. This ordinance is passed for the benefit of private school students who study in the state board curriculum. Only 250 out of 30,000 students are from government schools who got medical seats based on their 12th marks in the last ten years. Will appeal in SC if they bring ordinance on NEET”.


It is fake that Nalini Chidambaram said that they will appeal in SC against DMK’s bill seeking exemption from NEET. The claim was a piece of old news from 2017.

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