A man detained on a Qantas flight from Bali to Melbourne is neither an Indian nor a Pakistani


CLAIM 1) A Pakistani man arrested by authorities on flight to Australia for misbehaving with flight attendant

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CLAIM 2) Hindu Indian man in flight from Bali to Australia. Tries to kiss attendant, is choked and held down for the remainder of the flight. Cries out for his mommy, promptly arrested.

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A video on X (formerly Twitter) is shared to claim that a Pakistani man misbehaved with an air hostess and was later arrested by authorities. Others are claiming that he is an Indian Hindu man who tried to kiss the air hostess on the flight, which is heading to Australia from Bali.

A similar claim was shared in the X handle and can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

We ran a keyword search and found that the incident was reported and posted on the Ten News First Melbourne official X handle on 31, December 2023.  The video caption states, “A Victorian man has been detained on a Qantas flight from Bali to Melbourne after a mid-air episode. The man was reportedly shouting incoherently and allegedly threatened staff.”

Similar news was reported by many media outlets, such as the New York Post, NDTV, The Indian Express, The Guardian and daily mail. It is reported that the man was held by the cabin crew after reportedly hitting a staff member on Qantas flight QF46 between Bali and Melbourne. According to an Australian Federal Police spokesperson, the man is a 28-year-old Victorian. But no reports were found mentioning him as an Indian or Pakistani.


The disruptive man who was detained for allegedly assaulting a crew member and fellow passengers on the Qantas flight is a Victorian and not an Indian or a Pakistani, as claimed.

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