This article is from Feb 11, 2021

Is it the clear photo of the sun’s surface released by NASA?


A very clear image of the solar surface released by NASA



In the name of NASA the space research centre, many rumoured and fake news has repeatedly spread ad circulation around the world.

In this case, the photo has been shared in many languages ​​on social networking sites as a clear photo of the sun’s surface released by NASA. We explored the authenticity of this photo shared with reference to NASA.

Fact Check:

While reversing the viral photo the photo was posted on the OPT Telescopes Facebook page on January 14, with the name of Jason Guenzel.

Facebook link | Archive link

Searching Jason Guenzel’s Twitter page, he posted a photo on his Twitter page on January 13 that said it was a photo of the sun created entirely by software.

Twitter link | Archive link

Thanks for sharing, in a post on the Twitter page that posted the image that NASA posted. I am the real creator of this. This is a photo taken using photos collected by my solar telescope, ”Jason Guenzel commented.

Archive link 

There is no information on its official website or social networking sites regarding that the photo claimed that NASA has released the photo that shared by many widely.


In our search, NASA did not release a photo that went viral as the surface of the sun released by NASA. It was a digitally edited image of the sun created by American photographer Jason.

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