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Photo trolled as North Indian Ophthalmologist who cleared NEET exam. What is the Truth?


A north Indian Ophthalmologist who cleared the NEET exam.

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everal memes and trolls on the NEET exam are being circulated on social media as Tamil Nadu is against the entrance exam. A photo of a person checking the patient’s eye with a stethoscope is trolled as a north Indian ophthalmologist.

This photo is viral since 2018. It can be seen that the reason behind the claim is trolling the NEET exam. The photo is being shared without knowing the whereabouts.

What is the Truth?

The photo of the doctor checking his patient’s eye with a stethoscope is now claimed as NEET cleared doctor, but in 2018 the same photo was claimed as the doctor who cleared through reservation quota in Hindi and other languages.

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In 2018, the Facebook page ‘Medical Students Diaries’ has posted the viral picture with a description, “Few days ago, a picture for viral on Facebook where a doctor was placing a stethoscope on the eye of a man. Being ignorant to this procedure called orbital auscultation, not only common people, but our doctors and medical students proudly shared and made fun of picture showing the proof of their illiteracy and low research skills”.

When we reached Dr.Praveen to get details on this, “This is a procedure called orbital auscultation. This picture is shared for years without knowing the details”, he clarified.


The viral photo of a doctor checking his patient’s eye with a stethoscope is shared with misinformation, where the photo is of a procedure named orbital auscultation.

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