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Did the Authorities help the students to malpractice in NEET exam?


Tamil Nadu (vs) Northern State. Discrimination of the NEET Exam Center. In Tamil Nadu, the authorities conduct the NEET exam very strictly; meantime they are allowed to malpractice the students in the north. This is the reason for the suicide of Tamil Nadu students.

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Even in this coronavirus pandemic situation, NEET examination for medical studies was conducted. Discussions on the NEET exam were primarily on social media, ranging from the need to exempt from the NEET exam this time to student suicides due to NEET fear.

In this situation, the authorities conducted the NEET exam very strictly. “The candidates were not allowed to have ‘Mangalam’ (auspicious thread tied during one’s marriage) in the exam hall in South India, whereas candidates were allowed to malpractice in North India” with this caption a Facebook page namely “nijathin nilal” shared a video of students malpractice in exams with the help of teachers somewhere in the north side of India. That video is spreading widely and Youturn followers also asked us to comment about the authenticity of the post.

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In the 44-second video, a teacher comes up with an answer sheet in hand for students and allows them to malpractice. Another student was trying to see it. Finally, he hides the sheet in his hand after watching that someone is video recording through the window. That student then closed the window.

At the very beginning of the 44-second video, which went viral, it is mentioned as “this teacher was helping students cheat during board exams”. Name of the location “Jhajjar, Haryana” is also mentioned in the video.

According to, a video of a Haryana teacher cheating students in the Class 10 public examination on March 22, 2017 has gone viral.

The 44-second video, which was published in the ‘Hindustan Times’ on March 22, 2017, is currently going viral as it happened in NEET selection. The Jhajjar district education officer reportedly fired that teacher and said she would be investigated.



In our search, the video that went viral about student’s malpractices in the presence of officials at the NEET exam centre in the North came to light as a scene that helped students deceive teachers  cheat during the 10th grade10th-grade general exam in 2017.

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