Photos of foreign artists dressed up as Nehru and Gandhi are being shared as real


Photos of Nehru and Gandhi while trying to cut the throat of an Englishman during the freedom struggle

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An image of a collage of two people looking like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi being close to foreign women is shared with a claim that it is the photo of Nehru and Gandhi during the freedom struggle. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the photo claimed as Nehru, we found that it is not Nehru but an actor who played the role of Nehru in the drama ‘Drawing the line’.

History Workshop website mentions the drama as Howard Brenton’s play examining the last act of British rule in India, the dissection of the country in 1947 to create the independent nations of India and Pakistan. The viral image is found with the caption ‘Silas Carson (Nehru), Lucy Black (Edwina Mountbatten) – photo, Catherine Ashmore’.

Hampstead Theatre website mentions the drama as “Brenton’s sweeping epic Drawing the Line vividly unfolds the chaotic story of the partition that shaped the modern world”. And the viral image is found in the gallery mentioning that the artist Silas Carton played the role of Nehru.

When searching with keywords relevant to the viral image of Gandhi, we found an article on Bollywoodlife website about the viral image. The article mentions the viral image as fake and mentioned that it is an Australian actor posing as Gandhi who is shaking a leg with the lady. The two were captured at a charity gala in Sydney, say reports.

News 18 captions the viral image as “Dance of Mahatma Gandhi: Many people may still consider this picture as true, but the fact is that the person dancing with this foreign woman in this picture is not Gandhiji. It is an Australian actor who is dressed like Gandhi”. Another article by ABP mentions that the viral photo is from the film Everybody Loves Music which was released before 1945.

In addition to it, strong muscles of the person in the viral image and the footwear that he is wearing shows that he is not Gandhi. Though we could not identify the name of the actor in the viral image claimed as Gandhi, we could ascertain that the person is not Gandhi but a foreign actor dressed up as Gandhi.


It is found that the images claimed as Nehru and Gandhi are false. Both the images are of actors dressed up as Nehru and Gandhi.

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