This article is from Aug 20, 2021

An old photo circulated as a newly appointed priest standing on god’s idol !


The devotion of Dravidian priests. Long live the temples.

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A picture where the priest seems to stand on a Garuda vehicle that carried a decorated god’s idol is being shared on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter claiming as the priest appointed by TN Government under any caste people can become priests scheme.

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What is the Truth?

The viral picture did not hold the whereabouts of the idol or priest. If this has happened recently by the newly appointed priests by the Tamil Nadu government, then the news channels and political parties would have debated on it.

With a reverse search of the viral picture, a Twitter post of ‘rajmadame enum’ with the same picture dated 27th October 2020 is found.

With a further search, the same picture is found in a comment of a social media user for the Twitter post of NTK party member Idumbavanam Karthik dated February 2020.

Twitter link | Archive link  

The Tamil Nadu government has presented appointment orders to 58 people under the scheme people from any caste can become priests on 14th August 2021. But the viral picture seems to be captured before the appointment orders were presented and is being circulated for the last 1.5 years. However, we couldn’t uncover the source of the viral picture.

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Several rumours with pictures and videos related to the priests are being circulated on social media platforms soon after the TN government has appointed priests under ‘People from any caste can become priests’ scheme. We have fact-checked and published articles on them.


The viral picture claiming to be the newly appointed priest by the TN government standing on the god’s idol is not captured recently but seems to be doing the rounds on social media for the last 1.5 years.

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