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Priests appointed by the government did not know anything – incorrect information/video spread by Indu Makkal Katchi !


This looks like showing it to the stove in a tea stall. Neutral Hindus will have their share of sin for this.

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A 55-second video complaining that the newly appointed priest by the DMK government did not know anything, he seems to pour milk after decorating the idol, and no mantras while lighting the camphor is viral on social media.

This video was shared on August 17th on Indu Makkal Katchi’s Twitter page and has been shared in thousands. The comment section has questions on why is the priest wearing the sacred thread.

What is the Truth?

It seems suspicious when the whereabouts are not mentioned along with the post. And next is the language of the song played in the video background.

Hence, we reverse image searched the keyframes of the video and found the source on the ‘Temple connect’ Facebook page post dated 23rd April 2019.

The Facebook post described the video as ‘Sri Varasithi Vinayaga Swamy temple, Kanippagam in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh’.

Social media users seem to spread hatred posts and misinformation after the scheme for any caste people to become a priest is introduced. Now old videos are being spread as newly appointed priests did not know anything.


The video claiming that newly appointed priests by the DMK government did not know to offer poojas with mantras is not the newly appointed priest by the TN government.

The video was published a couple of years back on a Facebook page mentioning it as Varasithi Vinayagar temple in Andhra Pradesh.

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