Was Rahul Gandhi detained in Boston in 2001?


RahulGandhi Thankless person and family.

When Rahul Gandhi was arrested  back in Boston for drugs. He was released after intervention by PM Vajpeyee. Soniya begged and large hearted Vajpeyee spoke to US authorities.  One can check newspaper clipping of Boston(USA)

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A newspaper clipping titled ‘Indian Politician arrested’ claiming to be Boston (USA)’s is shared on social media pages with the claim that Rahul Gandhi was arrested back in Boston for drugs and was released later after intervention by the former PM Vajpeyee. The post also claims that Soniya begged and large-hearted Vajpayee spoke to US authorities, but Rahul Gandhi and his family remain thankless. This particular newspaper clipping is viral since 2019.


The content in the clipping reads as “An Indian politician was detained at Boston airport when the airport security found him in possession of banned drugs and unaccounted cash. As per our sources, he is the son of a former Indian Prime Minister. He was later released after the intervention of the Indian ambassador to the US, reports AFP.”

What is the truth?

Youturn fact-checked a similar newspaper clipping in October 2022. Both the names of the newspapers in the old clip and the current one seem to have printed in the same font style despite both being different media names ‘The Telegraph’ and ‘Boston’

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The newspaper clipping which reads Rahul Gandhi was detained in Boston was digitally created using the online newspaper generator website ‘fodey’.

The comparison of a sample newspaper clip that we generated and the viral newspaper clarifies that the viral newspaper clip is also generated online and not a real one. The text in both images is found with the same font style. The right side of both images shows similar texts.


It is found that the newspaper clipping that reads Rahul Gandhi was detained at Boston airport is a fake newspaper generated online.

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