No, Annamalai didn’t dance with Kala master to “Kaavala” song in the ongoing padayatra.


He’s @annanalai_k. TN BJP chief. He’s enjoying in BJP sponsored lavish caravan in the name of “Padayatra”

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Tamil Nadu BJP State Chief Annamalai is taking out a 5-month long padayatra ‘En Mann En Makkal’ across Tamil NAdu from July 28 till January 11 with interim breaks. Meanwhile, in this purported video, we can see Annamalai with the woman in a rooftop of a van wearing a saffron scarf with the BJP symbol and campaigning. While watching the video further, we can see that the woman started dancing energetically and even made Annamalai clap and join her. This video went viral, mentioning that he is Annamalai, the BJP chief, of Tamil Nadu. The user also claimed as he is enjoying the BJP-sponsored lavish caravan in the name of “Padayatra”. The video is circulated with the recent sensational hit song from the movie “Jailer” namely “Kaavala”.

Come, let’s see how much truth this viral video actually holds.

What’s the truth?

We started our research using the keyframes and we found out that, the video is from the TN BJP chief’s campaign during the 2021 Assembly elections. Moreover, the woman in the video is identified as the well-known dance master Kala, who has worked and choreographed mainly in the Indian film industry. She was awarded the National Film Award for Best Choreography in 2000 for her folk dance sequences in the Malayalam film, Kochu Kochu Santhoshang.

This viral video is old and from the campaigning time of the 2021, Tamil Nadu assembly polls. As per the reports, the video was shot on the last day of campaigning for the 2021 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, where Annamalai, stood for the BJP, representing the Aravakurichi Assembly constituency, which he lost later to a DMK candidate.

The same video was also shared by a YouTube channel namely, Sicp (South Indian Crime Point) on April 4, 2021, where we were able to hear a song praising the BJP rule. When we, researched more, we came to know that the song in the original video was used by BJP during the election propaganda time held in Tamil Nadu. Thus, we can say that this viral song namely “Kaavala” is added now by digitally altering the actual video.

This video was also shared by the dance master Kala on Twitter on April 4, 2021. In the video we can see that, she later gets down from the vehicle and dances among the crowds. Kala is an Indian dance choreographer who has worked in all the regional film industries

Hence, the above video is old from the previous election campaign held in Tamil Nadu. This has no connection to the current “Padayatra” started by Annamalai on July 28, 2023.


Therefore, Annamalai dancing with the Kala master in the viral video is old and from his last election campaign. Also, the “Kaavala” song is falsely amended to the original video.

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