This article is from Feb 01, 2021

NO Permit if you don’t have a boyfriend… Fake SRM College Letter!


Every woman on the SRMIST KTR campus must be with the Boyfriend to enter the university. This is about for reasons of protection. Women who are single will not be allowed into college. Must show the latest photo with their boyfriend when entering college – SRM

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A report said to be released by SRM University on January 22 stated that the administration had brought in a rule that women must have a boyfriend if they want to enter college, which went viral including WhatsApp.

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But it’s easily identifiable that it was not an official letter from SRM, it’s a prank from students side or some others in social media. But in other languages of social media, this post is also going viral.

In this case, SRM University’s website posted that the circular circulating that women will be allowed to enter the college only if they are with the boyfriend is fake and a complaint has been lodged with the police regarding such news.


Some anonymous social media users create this type of fake circulars in the name of many colleges for satire and spread them on social media. Many people think that such fakes circulars as real when it comes from WhatsApp and shares it on social media. We request users to confirm these types of posts before sharing on social media.

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