No, Meitei woman was not sexually assaulted by Kuki people


CLAIM 1: A young Meitei woman who worked as nurse in one of the hospitals of churachanpur was raped and killed brutally by the kuki people. All of these horrible incidents was also happening right inside the hospital.Imagine how the girl must have felt in that moment.
CLAIM 2: What is this then? A Meitei nurse working in Ccpur rape by kuki inside the hospital and brutally killed!

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A picture of a woman’s dead body swaddled in plastic is shared to claim that the body of a woman is from the Meitei community who was sexually assaulted and killed by people from the Kuki tribe in the ongoing Manipur violence. And claiming for the most part which was also happening inside the hospital.

What is the truth?

When performing a reverse image search it exposed us to multiple articles conveying the same image reporting it as the Delhi girl named Aayushi Chaudhary who was murdered by her parents on 17, November 2022.

The image which was falsely claimed is of an old honour killing of the parents Nitesh Yadav and Brijbala over the relationship of their daughter with a man outside of their caste named Khastrapal Gurjar. Later they expelled out woman’s body in the red trolley bag near Yamuna Express in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

Based on the Aayushi Chaudhary honour killing incident, several articles have been published to clarify and elaborated on the scenario in November 2022 which can be seen here, here and here.

And detailing about the claim of a young Meitei woman who was killed by the Kuki tribe, the DGP of Manipur P Doungel clarified that it was a false claim shared in all social media platforms which was not factual. He also clarified that no rape cases are reported in Churachandpur.


It is found that the woman in the image does not belong to the Meitei community of Churachanpur, and moreover, it is the image of the 21-year-old girl, Aayushi Chaudhary related to the honour killing.

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