No, she was not pregnant with 9 babies but was suffering from ovarian cancer.


Living with 9 babies for 9 months! Mothers are amazing, but dads’ emotions remain a mystery!

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A video showing images of 9 newborns and a woman with a ballooned belly is shared to claim that she lived with 9 babies for 9 months. This video is being shared to appreciate mothers. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here. It was initially posted by an X user with the name ‘The Figen’. This post was deleted later but is being posted by other X users.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the woman seen in the video was suffering from cancer which expanded her stomach. The story of the Chinese woman, Huang Guoxian is found published on ‘’ website.

She is a mother of two and she suffered a condition of growing abdomen that weighs a staggering 44 pounds. She sought help to raise funds for the treatment in local media. She received medication that controlled her pain but her abdomen kept on growing uncontrollably.

The Daily Mail in October 2020 reported that the farmer Huang Guoxian’s abdomen grew bigger in two years due to terminal cancer, a type of ovarian cancer.  The public donated £11,500 after which a high-risk surgery was performed by 15 medical workers to remove lumps and fluid.

The after surgery pictures of her are also published on the Daily Mail website. This proves that the viral video is being shared with false claims that she carried 9 babies for 9 months. However, there were some instances of rare phenomena where women delivered 9 babies in a single birth.


It is found that the visuals of a Chinese woman with an expanded belly due to cancer but is falsely shared as she delivered 9 babies in a single birth.

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