No, the Las Vegas sphere doesn’t show the Israeli flag, it’s a work of VFX


The Las Vegas Sphere lights up with the Israeli flag.

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Amidst the recent war between Israel and Hamas which broke out on 7 October, the internet is flooded with so much video footage. Here, in the 8-second viral video, we can see the huge sphere illuminated on its surface with the flag of Israel. Also, we witness many cars in traffic below the sphere.

The user has shared the clip with a claim stating that the Las Vegas sphere lights up with the Israeli flag. Some users even went on to add that, this display of the Israeli flag sparks mixed reactions. Such posts are shared by many social media users and can be viewed here, and here. Come let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research initially we found the original post shared by the X user namely, Frank Bellio on 11 October 2023. The post was shared with the caption “The Vegas Sphere showing impressive support for Israel.”

When we further intensified our research we saw a comment from the X account of the Las Vegas Sphere below the post. There, they cleary mentioned, “This image was photoshopped. Please reach us with any questions about Sphere.”

This proves that, the viral clip showing the Israeli flag on the Las Vegas sphere is fake. Moreover, when we advanced our search it led us to the X account “Las Vegas Locally” which also shared the same viral clip on 12 October and stated “People keep sharing this video of Vegas sphere with an Israeli flag on it. Some news outlets have posted it on their social media accounts. The video is not real. Thus, this also proves that the video is fake.

When we looked in the comment section of the X post we found an user namely, “Tallywood” saying that ‘I keep trying to tell people that. Look at my post. It’s said clearly it’s NOT real.” Further, the user has added that, “This video is fake. I’ve said that since day one.”

After all the confusion, the X user Tallywood posted a separate post saying that, “I posted a VFX video of an Israeli flag on a ball. I was trying to raise awareness of what is going on in my country. My 2 cousins were at a festival that hundreds of people wr slaughtered and murdered at. I wntd 2create NOISE and be heard. Buy I always said VFX @LasVegasLocally.”

Thus, the above evidence clearly proves that the video is a digitally altered one and is circulated with false claims.


The Las Vegas sphere has itself clarified and the person who created has also confessed that it’s a work of VFX. Therefore, we conclude that the viral video is fake and not a real one.

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