No, the list of 17 people who came under the attack of Hamas militants belongs to Nepal, not India.


As per sources 17 Indians have been kidnapped by HAMAS on Saturday in Israel , Out of 17 10 r killed r executed . No one from I.N.D.I. alliance has the guts to give a statement on these.kidnapped Indians. But they support students of Aligarh Muslim University. वन्देमातरम

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The Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7 after which Israel started retaliating. The death toll in the clash till date has increased to over 3000. The Hamas militants captured people including Israeli soldiers, citizens and foreign nationals as hostages during and after the attack.

A list that shows the names of 17 people is shared widely to claim that it is the list showing the names of Indians kidnapped in Israel. The post further mentions that 10 out of the 17 in the list are killed or executed. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with the names and addresses given in the list shared in the viral post we found that they are not Indians but Nepal citizens who were attacked by Hamas militants.

A Nepali media, Kathmandu Post reported that the identity of Nepali students killed in the Hamas attack was revealed. While reporting this piece of information the names of the victims are listed. These names appear to be matching with the ones seen in the viral list. It stated that at least 10 Nepali students were killed, 5 were injured and 1 went missing on October 7 when Hamas militants entered and attacked Israel.

The report mentions that Bipin Joshi is missing and the same name is found on the list mentioned as ‘No Contact’. The listed names of people killed and injured also match the names seen in the list.

A press release by the Nepal Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentions that steps are being taken to bring home the bodies of 10 students killed in the war. The statement also mentioned Bipin Joshi who went missing.

When searching to know about the status of Indian citizens killed or injured in the war, we found an NDTV article reporting that 2 Israeli women security officers of Indian origin were killed in Hamas attack. No other news reports on Indian citizens in the clash are found.


It is found that the list of 17 names of Nepal citizens killed or injured in the Hamas attack is being falsely shared as Indians.

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