No, the magician did not fly in the sky with the power of Yoga.


This boy is from Tamil Nadu, he has shown flying in the sky with the power of #yoga.  Scientists are surprised to see that.

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A video of a magician flying in the sky is shared widely on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter with the claim that he is flying in the sky with the power of yoga. The person is seen standing on a floor of a building initially and started flying into the sky later. This video is viral with the same claim since 2019 and some of the posts can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found the viral video uploaded on a Youtube channel ‘Vignesh Prabhu’ on 23, September 2018 with the title “Flying Man of India Vignehs Prabhu next magic update”.

The About section of the Youtube channel mentions him as a “Magician, Mentalist and Illusionist”. The website link ‘magicvignesh’ mentioned in the About section says that he is from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. And it is mentioned that when a person asked him to make his laptop float in mid-air, he made Indian history in magic by flying(levitating) in the thin air at an altitude of 160 feet above ground level.

Another video from the same event is found posted on his Facebook page in November 2017 mentioning in the video that it was captured on 20, November 2017. The full-length video of the performance is found uploaded on his Youtube channel in August 2018. It is mentioned in the description part that he has not used cranes or ropes to fly and no camera tricks or visual effects are used and the video is done for entertainment purposes only. It is also mentioned that an uncut version of the 360-degree shot is included in the video to prove that no crane or rope is used. And the mentioned video clip shows him in a 360-degree shot but it does not cover the top part of him to prove that no crane is lifting him with a rope.

A similar magic trick is revealed in a video uploaded on the ‘Magic Secrets Revealed’ Youtube channel. This video is dated 27, December 2019 and is titled “Magician defies gravity! Floats in mid air!” This video shows a person performing similar magic of flying in the air from a building and floating in the sky as Vignesh Prabhu does in the viral video. The later part of the video shows a crane lifting him using a couple of thin cables in secret revealing video.

And even this video shows the 360-degree shot as mentioned in Vignesh Prabhu’s video. The cables used are invisible in the video due to their thin nature, sunlight and possibly with sole visual effects. The description part reads “The Masked Magician levitates and flies over a three story building in broad daylight! How does he do it? Watch when he reveals the closely-guarded secret!” The same video was uploaded in September 2015 with the title “Magician performs mind-blowing levitation”.


It is found that the person in the video did not fly in the sky due to the power of yoga but the usual magic tricks show the magician flying with no ropes in the sky.

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