No, the man in the video did not sell distorted version of ‘Bhagawad Gita’.


A Christian caught selling fake BhagawadGita: “Gita” written on the cover, chapters inside read “Pavitra Bible, Pavitra Quran”.

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A video is shared where a man was confronting with another person who was selling the religious book (Gita) claiming that the book has mentioned “pavitra Bible and pavitra Quran” inside the book.

And another tweet has been posted with different caption like “Fake Hindu dharm books, edited by Anti- Hindus, selling at cheaper rate throughout India to mislead. Muslims and Christians are editing as if they are published by Gita press from Gorakhpur you can find the videos of edited Hindu Dharm books at youtube. Be aware, we have to expose them.” And even Iskon Vice president RadharamanDas also tweeted the video as a communal claim. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the Truth?

When searching with the relevant keywords and by breaking the video into different keyframes we found a cover page which was written as గీతా జ్ఞాన అమృతం in Telugu which is translated as Gita jnana Amruthm. And moving on to the next page it was mentioned as గీతా నీ జ్ఞాన అమృతం స్వామిరామదేవానంద్ శ్రీ మహారాజ్ జీవమే మన జాతి మనది మానవ (Mankind) ధర్మం. “హిందూ ముస్లిమ్ సిక్కు ఇసాయి, లేదు మరొక ధర్మం in Telugu which means Geeta is you, The elixir of knowledge, Swami Ramdevanand Shri Maharaj. Life is our race, we are Mankind. Hindu Muslim Sikh Jesus, no other religion. And by translating this page we came to know that the author of the book was swami Ramdevanand Shri Maharaj simply called Godman Sant Rampal.

Taking a cue from this we searched and found that book was available on the official website of self-styled godman RampalDas in English and Telugu versions and on the Amazon website.

We have gone through the English version of the book named “The Knowledge of Gita is Nectar”. In the introduction part, the author mentions as there are a total of 18 chapters and 700 verses in the Holy Book Gita. And takes descriptions only as per requirements and the author explains as the doctor picking necessary herbs from the forest does not destroy the forest and still it exists. In the same way, the book has been written in the name of “The Knowledge of Gita is Nectar”.

The person in the video has made a claim falsely stating as Pavitra Bible and Pavitra Quran. But while getting into the particular topic the author has explained as our race is a living being and our mankind is a religion and no separate religion as Hindu, Muslim, Christian and sikh. And the detailed explanation too has been tweeted by the author of the book Ramphal Das on his official page on April 26, 2023.


It is found that the viral video which was shared is a misleading fact and neither Christians nor Muslims distributed the distorted version of the Bhagavad Gita to promote Anti-Hindu Propaganda.

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