No, the people of the Pakistan-occupied JK didn’t take the vows to join India!


A video of violent protests across POJK demanding separation from Pakistan.

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A 1-minute 38-second video is being circulated by many BJP members on social media claiming that the people living in the Pakistan-occupied area have taken a vow to join India and are chanting Hindustan Zindabad. They demand separation from Pakistan and are likely to get united with India. This same video is shared by many social media users with similar claims and can be seen here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

On reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video, we found a video posted on 22nd August 2023 on X page zindadilkashmir and the Instagram page of jammu_24x7. It states that the people of Kashmir’s Gujar Bakarwal community took an oath on August 15 to protect the laws and constitution of Hindustan. It is said that when our government is in need, they will support the army in protecting the country’s borders.

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On the X account of the Gujar Bakarwal Tribal People of Jammu and Kashmir, India, the same video is captioned, “The Gujjar Bakarwals of Jammu and Kashmir are taking a pledge to safeguard their constitutional rights regarding the protection of their Scheduled Tribe status. He also took a pledge to protect the country from the enemies along with the armed forces. Jai Hind”

Recently, the Gujar Bakarwals have been protesting the inclusion of Baharis in the Scheduled Caste (ST) category in Jammu and Kashmir. In this regard, it has been reported in the news that if the Union Government fails to withdraw the bills tabled in the Parliament, they have threatened to take to the roads and fight with their cattle.


In our research, we found that the rumor that people living in Pakistan-occupied territory have vowed to join India is false. The people in the video are Gujar Bakarwals, a tribal people from Jammu and Kashmir. It is learned that they have taken an oath to protect their constitutional rights related to their tribal status.

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