No, the ship carrying cattle is not seized by Yemen’s Houthi


Yemen’s Houthi organisation took it into its custody mistaking it for an Israeli cargo ship, then it was found that this Indian ship was loaded with cows, then the Houthi organisation left it, Hindu businessmen who sing the song of cow, go abroad to slaughter their cow. Thank you to the Houthi organisation for the expose.

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A viral post purported on X(formerly twitter) on 17, December 2023 that Yemen’s Houthi organisation mistook an Israeli cargo ship and seized it, then found out that the Indian ship was loaded with cows. So, the Houthi organisation left the ship, it further added. Post also said, “The Hindu businessman who worships the cow is sending their mother cows abroad to be slaughtered. Today, with the help of the Houthi organisation we exposed them.”

The similar viral video was shared by many social media users and can be seen here, here, here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

We ran a keyword search and found the article titled ‘Why Houthis seized an Indian-bound ship, how this linked to the Gaza war’ in The Indian Express published on 21, November 2023. This newspaper reported that the Yemen rebel group of Houthis seized an Israel-linked ship bound to India on 19, November 2023. Israel said that Yemen’s Houthis seized British-owned and Japanese-operated cargo in the southern Red Sea.

The news was reported by many media outlets, such as The Hindu, Hindustan Times, India Today, The Wire, Deccan Herald and NDTV.  It was never reported that the ship was carrying cattle from India and exporting them somewhere. It was falsely shared by social media users that the image of a ship with cows was seized by Yemen rebel group of Houthis.

The reports mentioned that Yemen’s Houthi rebels seized the Israeli-linked cargo ship on a crucial Red Sea shipping route on November 19. But we found the video of cattle loaded into a ship in a Youtube video dated November 17. Though we could not ascertain the veracity of this video, we found that the video is unrelated to the cargo ship seized by Houthis.

However, when we additionally reverse-searched the viral ship image, we found the original image was posted on the Logistics middle east website. The cropped image of the cargo ship was used in a false narrative.


Yemen’s Houthi seized British-owned cargo in the Northern Sea, not the Indian ship that was carrying the cattle. It has been falsely shared

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