No, the TN government didn’t demolish a 1000-year-old temple in Kanchipuram!


I can’t wait for the @mkstalin @Udhaystalin family to face the consequences (karma to hit back) of their crimes against our Hindu temples. Shame on all those Hindus who voted for them

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A 50-second video has gone viral on social media claiming that the ruling government has demolished the 1000-year-old Sri Nalla Kamba Vinayagar temple on Nimantkara Street in Kanchipuram. The video shows the demolition of the temple tower. You can view a post with a similar claim here.

What’s the truth?

A search on the government’s website to find out whether the demolished Sri Nalla Kamba Vinayagar Temple in Kanchipuram comes under the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department did not find the temple’s name.

Using Google Maps, we discovered an old image of the Sri Nalla Kamba Vinayagar Temple on Kanchipuram Nimanthkara Street. We were able to verify that the temple had been destroyed by speaking with a nearby shopkeeper. However, he clarified that the temple is not run by the government. A family oversees the temple. The temple was being demolished to construct a new one. Also, he added that a person named Senthilkumar and his son Ranjith Kumar are currently maintaining the temple.

In this regard, Ranjith Kumar, who is managing the temple, was contacted by YouTurn and he stated that this temple was built in 1882 by his grandfather Vijaya Ragava Mudaliar. He added, “We have been maintaining the temple for 5 generations. A few years ago, the inner wall collapsed since we didn’t conduct Kumbabishekam after the temple’s construction. Therefore, we decided to perform Kumbabhishekam and held the ‘Balalayam program’ on 8th December last year 2023.

Following that, on January 2, the temple’s demolition process began. On the 26th of the next month, we plan to perform Bhoomi Puja to construct a temple in the same location. There won’t be any other construction in that place. The temple’s name appears on a copy of the temple patta. As the Temple Dharmakarta, the tax and water bills are in my father’s name, while the electricity bill is in my grandfather’s name. We have made all of our tax payments on time.”

“We have decided to complete the construction work within the next 6-12 months and complete the Kumbabhishekam. A few residents of the block next door made complaints and stirred up trouble. From the very start, they disseminated false information. However, Tahsildar, VAO, and RI all came here, asked about us, and then left. Since the temple is collapsing, we have begun the process of tearing it down and erecting a new temple”, he clarified.

Also, we got a video taken during the Balalayam ceremony at Sri Nalla Kamba Vinayagar Temple on December 8 which has been released on YouTube channel Sankara-Times of Kanchi.

All this information makes it clear that the viral claim stating that the ruling government in TN destroyed this temple is false and misleading.


In our search, the rumor that the Tamil Nadu government has demolished the 1000-year-old Sri Nalla Kamba Vinayagar Temple in Kanchipuram is false. The temple is not 1000 years old. Also, the temple is privately managed. It can be seen that the temple is being demolished for renovation.



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