No, the video doesn’t show the NZ home minister rather it’s a Yoga teacher from America


See the power of Sanatan New Zealand’s Home Minister also adopted Sanatan Dharma…!!

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A foreign man is seen sitting on the floor and praying to Hindu gods in the 16-second video. Flowers and a few lit diyas can be seen surrounding him. This post is shared with an infographic words stating, “New Zealand’s Home Minister adopted Sanatan Dharma.” Some users have added to the caption “See the power of Sanatan.” You can view related posts with similar claims here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

We started our analysis and found the watermark @ibrentgoble along with the Instagram logo on the video when we carefully looked at it again. Taking this as a cue, we searched Instagram and found the account with the same username.

According to the bio of the user, his name is Brent Goble, a yoga teacher currently residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We searched through his Instagram and found the viral video. This was uploaded on 2 November 2023, with the caption, “Last night was Alex’s naming ceremony. While Hinduism isn’t part of my upbringing, I love taking part in the rituals that are important to my wife and in-laws.

I pray my son grows beautifully through life, faces necessary challenges, fights with fierce passion, and loves with an open heart.”


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A post shared by Brent Goble (@ibrentgoble)

When we surfed through his profile, we came across a link namely, “Peace of Blue Yoga.” While going inside the link we learned that Brent hails from the United States, and he was certified at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, founded by the late Shri Yogendra Chowk, graduating and becoming certified in the basic and advanced certification programs.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that actor Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble are married. According to an article, they announced their pregnancy in May 2023 and welcomed their son in November of the same year. So, that’s the time he posted the viral video welcoming their son on Instagram.

Also, when we looked through the official website of New Zealand there is no mention of the Home Ministry. This means there is no position called Home Minister in the New Zealand government.

All of this information makes it clear that the Home Minister of New Zealand is not seen in the widely shared video. In simple words, that country does not have a Home ministry.


We thus conclude that the widely circulated video, which purports to show New Zealand’s Home Minister adopting Sanatan Dharma, is wholly untrue. As it turns out, the video features American yoga instructor Brent Goble who is presently living in India with his wife and son.

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