No, this video does not show people in Pakistan torturing a Hindu woman.


Condition of #Hindu women in #Pakistan

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Amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict, multiple personalities are seen expressing their concerns to stop the violence. Irfan Pathan, a famous cricketer took to his X handle to mention that Gaza kids are losing their lives and asked the world leaders to act on it. Following this a video is shared questioning Irfan Pathan if he has the courage to speak about it and this video is extremely viral.

This video showing a person dragging a woman and attacking her brutally is shared to claim that it is the condition of Hindu women in Pakistan. Some of the other posts that carry the video with the same claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the woman is not Hindu and that the incident happened in Pakistan after a land dispute. We found an article on Geo News, a Pakistani media carrying a news video that features a blurred version of the viral video.

The article dated 9, January 2022 reported that the incident happened in Pakistan’s Sialkot. The elderly woman was dragged and tortured by a group of people over a land dispute that she had had for more than 13 years. After the video went viral, a case was registered against 15 suspects and 9 were arrested including 4 women.

With further search, we found Dawn article dated 10, January 2022 reporting that two groups had a land dispute and had altercations already. On 8, January 2022, an altercation between Munawar Kanwal and Nasreen Bibi, belonging to rival groups took place. “Nasreen, along with her relatives, severely tortured Munawar Kanwal. Her cousin grabbed Munawar by the hair and dragged her in the village. The suspects, including women, slapped, punched and kicked Munawar and beat her with iron rods”, reported the article.

This shows that both the accused and victim belong to same community and hence this claim that a Hindu woman was beaten in Pakistan is false.


It is found that an old video from January 2022 of a woman being attacked over a land dispute in Pakistan where both the parties belong to the same community is shared to falsely claim that it is the condition of Hindu women in Pakistan.

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