Court orders demolition of Nochikuppam temple… H. Raja diverts it as DMK government’s conspiracy!


The anti-Hindu DMK government’s attempt to demolish the Hindu temple at Nochikuppam in Chennai is highly reprehensible – H. Raja

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When hundreds of policemen rallied with the JCB machine to demolish the Ganga Bhavani Amman temple in Nochikuppam, Chennai, local fishermen protested against the demolition of the temple.

Meanwhile, senior BJP leader H. Raja has posted on his Twitter page that the anti-Hindu DMK government is trying to demolish the Hindu temple in Nochikuppam.

What is the truth?

Urban Housing Development Board officials, Chennai Corporation officials and policemen went to demolish the Ganga Bhavani Amman temple in Nochikuppam following an order issued by the Chennai High Court.

The Ganga Bhavani Amman Temple was damaged during the 2004 tsunami and has been worshipped on the banks for some years. Later, a new temple has been built on the site of the Urban Housing Development Board near the old site where the temple was located.

Anjalai, a resident of the area, was suing the court alleging that the temple, which was built in the residential area of ​​the Nochikuppam Urban Housing Development Board, was obstructing traffic and was being built without permission in a public place.

Following this, on June 16, 2021, a session comprising Justices Kirubakaran and Tamil Selvi of the Chennai High Court issued an order to remove the temple built in the Nochikuppam Urban Housing Development Board residential area.

According to the court order, the Urban Habitat Development Board officials and the Chennai Municipal Corporation officials who went to remove the temple with the JCB machine were told that the details of the case could not be obtained as the case was taken to court online during the Corona period and the people have been in talks to give time till then.

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Meanwhile, News 18 reported that when people were discussing the demolition of the temple, a man wearing a BJP scarf was told to leave by the public and was evicted by the police.

We are witnessing the removal of encroachments on water bodies and government outlying lands in Tamil Nadu following court orders to remove buildings and places of worship. Earlier, it was rumoured that 150 temples had been demolished after the DMK came to power.


The Chennai High Court has issued an order to demolish the temple at Nochikuppam in Chennai. However, it is evident that H. Raja is misleading that the DMK government is trying to demolish the temple.

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