Video of Non-aligned Nations summit held in 1983 is falsely shared as G20 summit represented by Indira Gandhi.


40 years ago, Mrs. Indira Gandhi had represented the G-20 meeting in Delhi, it is not a new thing that we are holding the G-20 meeting. Congress had done this work 40 years ago!

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The 18th meeting of G20 summit was held in New Delhi, India on 9-10 September 2023. A video is viral on social media platforms after the G20 summit. The video shows Indira Gandhi welcoming leaders from other countries.

This video is shared to claim that Congress has already organised G20 summit in 1983 and this is not the first G20 happening in India as it happened 40 years back already with the then PM Indira Gandhi representing it. 

What is the truth?

When searching the details about G20, we found that the Group of Twenty (G20) largest economies in the world was formed in 1999. And the annual forum, G20 summit that gathers all 20 leaders debuted in 2008. It is 24 years since the inception of G20 and it is not possible to organise a G20 summit before 40 years.

When translating the words found on the video, we found that it conveyed “A bigger event than G20 has been organized in the country, more than 100 nations participated”. This proves that the video is not of G20 but of another event organised in India.

When searching the page ‘Har Haagh Shakti’ as the logo is watermarked on the video, we found the same video posted on its Facebook page on 7, September 2023 with the caption translated as “India led the 7th group absolute summit (1983) More than 100 nations attended the conference. Country’s respect and respect had increased. This was a bigger event than G20.”

With further search, we found a video with matching visuals from the viral video on the AP Archive Youtube channel. This video is titled “GS 07 03 1983 NON-ALIGNED NATIONS CONFERENCE BEGINS IN NEW DELHI”. And the description part reads “16 Mar 1983) The 7th Summit of Non-aligned Nations gets underway with Indian Premier Indira Gandhi making the opening address. Cuban President Fidel Castro, the outgoing chairman, embraces Mrs Gandhi as he hands over the hammer.”

We also found a reprint of India Today story dated 31, March 1983. It is stated that the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) had the largest ever such gathering in history as it included representatives of 101 countries including 60 heads of state or government. This event was held from 7-12 March 1983 in New Delhi, India.

A 13:22 minute video of ‘Non-aligned Movement – NAM and Indira Gandhi – a short documentary’ is found uploaded on Wild Films India’s Youtube channel. This video also includes matching visuals from the viral video.


It is found that a video of the Non-aligned Nations Summit that was held in 1983 is being falsely linked to the G20 summit.

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