This article is from Nov 20, 2020

Did H. Raja say that we don’t need meat eaters votes?


H. Raja speaks at Villupuram public meeting! The BJP does not need meat eaters votes.

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A news card of the News 7 Tamil media has gone viral, saying that BJP senior leader H. Raja said at a public meeting in Villupuram, “The BJP does not want meat eaters to vote.”

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It was rumoured on Diwali that H. Raja had said that non-vegetarians who celebrating Deepavali were not Hindus and that meat shops would be closed for Deepavali after the BJP came to power in Tamil Nadu. We were publishing an article about it.

Now, rumors are circulating again that H. Raja has said that the BJP does not need the votes of meat eaters. When searching for the News 7 Tamil news card released on November 17, “H.Raja speaks at the Villupuram public meeting! Karunanidhi’s wife Dayalu Ammayar and Stalin’s wife Durga are brave; Female lions are the ones who practice spirituality! ” The news card has been released.

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In the news card that H. Raja spoke about Karunanidhi’s wife and Stalin’s wife, meat eaters are spreading rumours that the BJP does not need their votes.



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