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Is it the video of North Indians adulterating rice ?


North Indians’ planned crime. Their motive is to cause health issues to those who eat rice. This should be stopped immediately. Share till the authorities take effective steps…



A 2-minute video is being circulated on social media claiming that North Indians are adulterating rice. The video shows mixing oil-like substances into the rice with hands and legs in a go-down after which it is packed in the sacks.

The claim requests the authorities to take action on North Indians. Hence we get into fact-checking.

What is the Truth?

The word ‘Casserita’ is mentioned in the rice sacks in the claimed video. The word denotes a rice brand from Peru, and not from India.

When searched for further details, this video was published on the ‘Latin America Press’ Youtube channel on 11th October 2019.

A Youtube video in 2018 has mentioned that La Casserita is selling adulterated rice in Lima, Peru.

It looks like an oil-like substance is mixed with white coloured rice to give it a brown colour. But no news on any action on the organisation is found. However, it is apparent that the video belongs to Peru and is old.


The video claiming that North Indians are adulterating rice does not belong to India. The video is about Caserrita brand rice from Peru which is viral for the last few years.

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