No, This video is not of moon captured by Chandrayaan-3 after its landing.


Chandrayaan-3 sent first moon video after landing.

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Multiple videos claiming to show the visuals of the earth from space captured by Chandrayaan-3, the moon captured by Chandrayaan-3, and the landing of Chandrayaan-3, have been circulated one after the other since the launch of Chandrayaan-3 by ISRO. One such video of 3:03-minute length is being circulated now claiming to be of a moon video sent by Chandrayaan-3 after its landing.

Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. This video is extremely viral on Facebook. It is to be noted that the Pragyan rover was ramped down to the lunar surface from the Vikram lander recently.

What is the truth?

When watching the video closely, we could find half-cut text at the bottom of the video. We tried finding the text and ended up with the following sentences. “…Panorama showing an Impact Crater in a location nicknamed ‘Jau’… The scene was captured with Curiosity Rover’s… this show signs of ancient pond exist on Mars million of years… this particular crates is estimated to be about 60-feet wide… which Mars rover passed through on its way to Jau… Possibility of water? what is this mysterious?”

The video ended with the sentence at the bottom that says “Latest 4K resolutions most fascinating panoramic scene from NASA’s Mars rover took this 360-degree panorama while atop “Mont Mercou”…” We also found blurred watermark ‘Tavi Technical Space’ in the video. The text in the top of the video shows ‘Chandrayaan 3’ in Hindi.

With further search, we landed on Tavi Technical Space Youtube channel where we found the original version of the viral video. This video displays the same text at the bottom of it but does not have the Hindi word ‘Chandrayaan 3’ as seen in the viral video. This video is dated 7, August 2023 and titled “Mars Rover’s Panoramic Cam Capture Latest 360° Unexpected Weird 4K Video Footage of Mars Life” and is credited to ‘NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS’.

This video has been on the internet at least since 7, August 2023 whereas the Chandrayaan-3 landed on the moon on 23, August 2023. ISRO social media pages are updating the visuals related to Chandrayaan-3 frequently including the live video of its landing on the surface of the moon. However, we could not find anything similar to the viral video on ISRO handles. We found the visuals of the moon captured by the Lander Imager Camera just prior to its touchdown on the X account of ISRO.

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It is found that the video being shared to claim that it is of the Moon’s and captured by Chandrayaan-3 is false.

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