This article is from Mar 19, 2021

Edited photo with the Nadar community name rumoured as the NTK Party’s poster!


Nadar votes are only for Nadars… This is what the slogan uniting in Tamils…

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An online poster published in support of Mrs Kanakapriya, the candidate contesting for the Sivakasi constituency on behalf of the Naam Tamilar Party, has been criticized on social media for the words “Nadar Ottu Nadarukke (Nadar votes are only for Nadars)” in the promotion poster.

Many critics of the NTK Party have been spreading that photo on social media. Readers are also being asked about its authenticity.

When contacted by Idumbavanam Karthik of the Tamil Party about the online campaign poster going viral, he said, “It is fake. They are doing Photoshop. She does not belong to that community. ” He also gave an explanation of the complaint made by the NTK Party Sivakasi constituency IT team and the complaint lodged in this regard.

They are deliberately going viral on social media by doing photoshop like casting their votes in a casteist manner in a poster released for the Sivakasi Assembly candidate of the NTK Party.


In our search, we came to know that the photo that was spread using the name of the Nadar community to vote in support of the Sivakasi constituency candidate of the NTK Party is a photoshopped one. She is also not from that community and the NTK party’s IT wing also lodged a complaint regarding this issue .

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