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Did the Election Commission say that NTK candidates have no criminal case record?


NTK party have 234 candidates with no criminal case background – Election Commission.

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In this 2021 assembly elections, the Naam Tamilar Party finds its own separate field. The party’s co-ordinator had introduced 234 candidates on the same stage.

In this situation, a post spread as that the Election Commission has stated that the 234 candidates of the Naam Tamilar Party have no criminal case background and this post is being shared on social media by thousands.

Fact Check:

The deadline for filing nominations for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections is March 12-19. Due to the holidays, the nominations have not been filed for the last 2 days.

As such, a post spread as that the Election Commission has declared 234 NTK candidates with no criminal record. In particular, the Election Commission does not issue such notices.

Candidates will be given their details in their nomination papers and the website of the Election Commission of India. With that, organizations like ADR will analyze and publish a list of party-based candidate details.

Well, if they are spreading such information based on the details of the candidates who contested during the last election, that too is misinformation.

The Hindu News had published the details published by the ADR after analyzing the background of the candidates who contested in the last parliamentary elections in Tamil Nadu in 2019. In it, it is stated that out of the 35 candidates contested on behalf of the NTK Party, 23% have criminal cases and 9% have serious criminal cases.

Similarly, in the details of the candidates for the 2016 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, we can see that there are cases against the candidates of the NTK Party. The post that there is no criminal background for the NTK candidates is misinformation.


In our search, we came to know that the information spread that the Election Commission says that 234 candidates of the NTK Party have no criminal case record is fake.

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