Does okra boost fertility and increase chance of birthing twins?




Long posts, videos, and cards about okra (ladies finger) treating infertility and increasing the chance of conceiving twins are circulated widely on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. This claim is viral for the last few years.

The viral post claims that okra helps in boosting ovulation and it can be consumed as a soup (okra water). The method of preparing the soup is also included in the post. It further explains when to consume okra water. Okra leaves are also suggested along with vegetable to increase fertility.

The post adds “Okra water boosts chances of conceiving twins and multiples. It is believed that okra stimulates the ovaries to release more than one egg, thereby resulting in twins.” posts claiming the connection between okra and fertility can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with keywords we found that okra is not linked with ovulation or fertility. We found no authentic reports linking okra with ovulation, fertility, or conceiving twins.

Okra – Ovulation and Fertility

Youturn reached Dr. Praveen to get clarification on the relationship between okra and ovulatio. He said, “Its a myth started in Nigeria, Africa. Okra is high in fiber content and contains antioxidants. But it will not boost ovulation or treat infertility”.

He further quoted a research article where the tests are done on female rats and the results showed no improvement in ovulation. “A few reports have claimed okra seeds contain gossypol which is an agent that reduces sperm synthesis and is used as an infertility agent in males”, Dr. Praveen told Youturn.

Okra for conceiving Twins?

No particular food diet that has okra in any form is said to have increased the chances of conceiving twins.

The southwest part of Nigeria is said to have the highest twinning rate in the world. The research mentioned that their maternal history of twinning, food diet and some socio-environmental factors may have influenced the result. And okra is not mentioned as a food that increases the chances of multiple pregnancy when consumed.


It is found from our search that though okra has several health benefits with high fiber content and antioxidants, there is no medical evidence to prove that okra (ladies finger) treats fertility or increases the chances of multiple pregnancies. In fact, okra has an adverse effect on fertility if consumed excessively.

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