Old and unrelated videos shared as Biparjoy Cyclone




The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has given a red alert for a few coasts in Gujarat because of the severe cyclonic storm Biparjoy. Several other states are alerted of heavy rainfall. The cyclone is predicted to make landfall close to Gujarat anytime in the evening and will continue till night. Gujarat’s Mandvi is witnessing high tides and strong winds as the Biparjoy cyclone approaches.

Meanwhile, multiple visuals are being shared in the name of the Biparjoy cyclone. Some share a video of the storm as scenes of a storm moving towards the coastal areas of Karachi and Gujarat. A video of a storm devouring a ship is shared as a ship in the Biparjoy cyclone. Another video of high sea tides is shared with the caption “Under the influence of very severe cyclonic storm “Biparjoy” in Arabian sea which is passing nearby Gujarat coast, quite extreme sea-tides are being observed at Madhavpur (Gujarat).” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

We thoroughly analysed the viral videos, reverse-searched the keyframes, and searched using relevant keywords to find the source of the viral videos.

Video 1 – FactCheck

The video of huge waves and strong winds  is found tweeted by Sky News Twitter page on 19, May 2021 with the caption “Cyclone Tauktae nears landfall causing huge waves and devastating winds.” The Sky News article reported the same featuring the viral video.

Video 2 – FactCheck

Times Now News article dated 4, June 2023 featured the viral video of a storm devouring a ship with the caption “A viral video on Twitter captures the moment a sandstorm in Egypt engulfed a ship in the Suez Canal. Dust and sand swept through parts of Egypt, including its capital Cairo on Thursday. At least one person died and five others were injured after the sandstorm caused a billboard to collapse in the largest Egyptian city.”

Video 3 – FactCheck

Another video of a wave overturning a yacht is found featured on the BBC website on 4, February mentioning it as “a wave overturned a boat in rough seas off the Pacific coast of the US, as the coastguard was attempting to rescue a person on board. The boat was about six miles (10km) from land, at the mouth of the Columbia River in the north-west of the country.”

The same video was also uploaded on Associated Press YouTube channel on 4, February 2023 mentioning it as a U.S. Coast Guard video captured a dramatic rescue showing a swimmer approaching a boat as heavy waves hit off Washington and Oregon.

The same video is found posted on multiple Youtube channels in February 2023.

Video 4 – FactCheck

The video of extreme sea tides is found uploaded on Rising Rocks Youtube channel on 10, January 2021 with the title “Deep water sea waves it’s north of spain”.


It is found that old and unrelated videos are being shared in the name of the Biparjoy cyclone in Gujarat.

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