Old and unrelated visuals are falsely shared as recent Libya floods.


Visuals from recent Libya flood

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A massive flood hit Libya’s northeast leaving more than 11,000 dead and several others missing. Emergency teams are working to rescue the survivors. Meanwhile, multiple visuals are being shared in the name of Libya floods. These posts mention that the visuals are from Libya and hashtags relating to Libya floods. Some of them can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video and searching with relevant keywords we found that the viral videos are old and unrelated.

Video 1 – FactCheck

A video showing flood washing away cars parked on a road near a red-painted building is from July 2021. A Japanese media, Japan Times published a matching visual from the viral video mentioning as mudslide in the city of Atami, Shizuoka prefecture.

Video 2 – FactCheck

A video showing flood water rushing in a canal touching a bridge was found posted on X page in April 2016. This old video is falsely shared as recent Libya floods.

Video 3 – FactCheck

Another video of water flooding a street and washing away a car with a woman stranded in it is found uploaded on ‘9 News Australia’ YouTube channel in July 2023. The title mentions that it happened in Spain.

Video 4 – FactCheck

A video showing a cyclone was found uploaded by a Youtube channel named Tornado Trackers on 9, October 2026 with the title “Hurricane Matthew – Melbourne & Jacksonville, FL”. Matching visuals from the viral video is found from 4:20 minutes timestamp of the Youtube video.


It is found that these videos are old and unrelated to the recent Libya floods.

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