Old image of Odisha’s Jagannath Rath Yatra is falsely shared as recent from Ayodhya’s Ram temple.


7.5 kms sea of devotees… picture taken in Ayodhya

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Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya witnessed the consecration ceremony of Ram temple yesterday (January 22). Multiple visuals are being shared on social media platforms claiming to be from Ayodhya. One such image of a massive crowd of people on a road is shared to claim that it was taken at 6 PM on 22, January 2022.

The image mentions that it was a picture taken in Ayodhya and that it shows a sea of devotees for around 7.5 km. This image is also being shared on Facebook.

What is the Truth?

When reverse-searching the image, we found that the image is not related to Ayodhya Ram temple and is old from Jagannath rath yatra. A YouTube shorts dated 20, June 2023 is found carrying matching visuals and the caption says that the crowd is from iconic Jagannath rath yatra, Odisha. The same image is found posted on an Instagram page on the same date mentioning that it is from Odisha’s Jagannath rath yatra.

The same image is found reported on NDTV website with the caption “Huge crowd od devotees gathered in Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra’. The same image is also found posted on couple of articles on The Shillong Times website while reporting that devotees gather in large numbers to attend the annual yatra of Lord Jagannath.

An image of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa projecting the picture of Lord Ram is being circulated relating to the Ayodhya Ram temple inauguration. But this image is found to be digitally altered and Youturn published an article on the same.

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It is found that the image of a massive crowd shared to claim that it was taken at Ayodhya on January 22 is false. The image is old and is from the annual Lord Jagannath rath yatra, Odisha.

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