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More than a decade old images shared claiming as love jihad in Assam



Breaking News Another Shraddha in Assam, Kajal, who was living in a live-in relationship, was first raped by 7 Muslim boys, then she was packed in the freeze alive in a state of unconsciousness, due to which she died of cold 😡 #लव_जिहाद

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It became a routine to spread fake images mentioning love jihad following the Shraddha murder issue. Now, a set of images of a woman’s corpse in the freezer are shared claiming as Kajal, another Shraddha from Assam who was in a live-in relationship, died of cold when she was packed in the freezer after being raped by 7 Muslim boys. Similar posts can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching the first image with google lens, it yielded several results. The viral image have been used in articles relating to murder in different locations in different years. The oldest one carrying the set of viral images among the displayed results is found on the ‘Documenting Reality’ website.

The same set of viral images with a few other images was posted on the ‘Documenting Reality’ website on 8, February 2010 mentioning no information about the pictures.

A blog page ‘Mizz Nasty’ is found to have posted a set of viral images on 2, March 2010 with the title ‘Naked Young Girl Jammed Inside Freezer and Left to Freeze to Death’. Even this page did not provide sufficient information about the incident.

The verified Twitter account of ‘Assam Police’ tweeted on 7, December 2022 to convey that the image spread is from a Portuguese blog of 2010 and that it is shared with a completely false context on Social Media. The tweet also warns that appropriate action will be taken against those found sharing such messages. And a link to a blog page is mentioned as the original source of the viral images. The link mentioned is dated 4, March 2010 and hence it can not be the original source of the viral images as from what we could find, the images were on the internet since 8, February 2010.

Though we could not ascertain the whereabouts of the incident relating to the viral images from our search, we found that the viral images were doing the rounds on the internet at least since February 2010.

This is not the first time that old and unrelated images are claimed as love jihad. Read below the other instances where old, unrelated images and videos were claimed as love jihad.

An old video of domestic abuse in a Muslim family is shared as love jihad

Right wing twists Honour killing as a case of love jihad.

A video from Colombia is shared as ‘love jihad’ in Madhya Pradesh

Old video of a Russian girl getting beaten up is shared as the plight of Hindu girls


It is found that more than a decade old images were used to spread pure hatred against one particular religion with the claim that the images are related to love jihad from Assam.

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