Old incident of a love story from the same community shared as ‘Love jihad’.


A Kalyugi educated daughter bowing her father’s turban at the feet of a Jihadi.

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A video showing an elder person bowing down his turban at the feet of a young girl is shared to claim that a kalyugi daughter has made his father and his turban to bow down at the feet of the jihadi. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. This video was viral in 2020 and has resurfaced in 2021 and has revived again now.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video and searching with relevant keywords we found that the incident is old and unrelated to the Muslim community. A Facebook page ‘Royal Raika’ is found carrying a matching visual from the video.

The post is dated 4, October 2020 with the caption in Hindi roughly translated as “A video of a particular society was virusized and named as Love Jihad and a completely false rumor was spread. I have given the names of such people above without thinking that the particular society was defamed. All of you are requested to haystack them and ask their answer.” The post also listed the names as mentioned. It is further mentioned that the girl is currently in Pune and is with her family. Both the boy and the girl are currently in Pune and living their discreet lives.”

With further search, Newstrack article is found reporting on 14, October 2020 that the cops proved that the young couple in the video belongs to the same caste when contacted by media. The policemen said that the family was against the woman, Sita, marrying the man, Lakharam as her marriage had been arranged with someone else, so the couple fled following which the family filed a missing persons’ complaint.

Assistant Superintendent of Police of Pali District, Brajesh Soni also denied that there is a communal angle to the case and stated that both the husband and wife are Hindus belonging to the same Dewasi caste, reported Newstrack article.

Recently, a murder of a Hindu woman by her Hindu husband and his brother is falsely shared relating to ‘love jihad’. We fact-checked and published an article on the same.

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Some of the claims that Youturn fact-checked and published articles on the ‘love jihad’ claims can be read here. And articles on the claims that were spread with false communal spin can be read here.


It is found that an old video related to Sita and Lakharam’s marriage is shared with a false ‘love jihad’ claim.

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