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BJP sharing an old picture of the communist meeting as their meeting in West Bengal!


Modiji’s public meeting in West Bengal ..

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a public meeting organized by the BJP at the Brigade Ground in Kolkata for the West Bengal state assembly elections. Photos and videos of the meeting he attended have been shared on the party’s social media pages and on behalf of supporters.

In the collection of photos so shared, the posts include a photo of a rally held on behalf of the West Bengal at the Brigade Grounds in Kolkata 2 years ago.

They also posted the photo on the official Twitter page of the Tamil Nadu BJP and later deleted the tweet. But, social media users are sharing that screenshot image on social websites.

A photo taken during a rally of the Left Front at the Brigade Grounds in Kolkata ahead of the 2019 general elections can be seen being shared by several parties.

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As the grand meetings of the political parties in Kolkata are being held at the Brigade Ground, the photo available on the internet regarding the ground is known and mistakenly shared.

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Despite a large crowd at a public meeting attended by Prime Minister Modi in West Bengal, the party and its supporters have been sharing false photos.

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