Old photo of a BJP candidate falling at voters’ feet is claimed to be taken in Gujarat



अगर #गुजरात में 27 सालों में कुछ किया

होता तो ये नौबत कभी न आती..🤔🤔!

If in #गुजरात something is done in 27 years

Had it been there, this situation would never have come.. 🤔🤔 !

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Gujarat election campaigns have come to a halt for the constituencies which are going to the poll tomorrow (1st December). In the build up to the elections, an image was virally circulated in social media. This image was claimed to be of a BJP candidate in Gujarat and it was virally shared with a message that if BJP had done something in the last 27 years, in which the BJP had been in power in the state including a term in alliance, they wouldn’t need to do it. Some of these posts can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

With a reverse image search, we found that the image is from 2020. It was taken in 2020 during Delhi’s Legislative Assembly Elections. The person in the image is Sanjay Singh, a BJP candidate who contested from the Vikaspuri constituency in Southwest Delhi District.

Sanjay Singh lost the election to Aam Aadmi Party candidate Mahinder Yadav who has been the incumbent from 2013. The video of Sanjay Singh falling at voters’ feet which matches exactly with the virally shared image can be seen here.


An old image from 2020 of a BJP candidate Sanjay Singh falling at voters’ feet during Delhi Assembly Elections is now shared to mislead as if it is a recent one taken in Gujarat during the BJP campaign in the state.

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