This article is from May 21, 2021

Puthiyathalaimurai’s old video intentionally spreading now!


We are on the verge of death – broadcast the truth if possible, otherwise do not broadcast – do not politicize us. Public demand to the Puthiyathalaimurai reporters.



People surrounding Puthiyathalaimurai News reporter and said, “We are on the verge of death. Don’t keep us and do politics. Broadcast the truth if possible. Otherwise, don’t broadcast. ”The 20-second video goes viral on social media in a corona setting.

Fact Check:

In the 20-second video, which goes viral, a woman is constantly talking. But no details were given as to what the problem was, what happened and where it happened.

Archive link 

AIADMK’s Regional Joint Secretary for Information Technology Abhishek Jacob posted a video on Puthiyathalaimurai’s Special Correspondent Ramesh Murugesan on his Twitter page saying, “What is the reason for releasing something that happened 4 years ago as if it happened yesterday? Don’t confuse people by posting unnecessarily.

Following this, the AIADMK executive has deleted the tweet. The Puthiyathalaimurai’s news reporter in the viral video was able to be identified as he talking on his cell phone claiming his name as Ananda.

When we spoke to the Putiyathalaimurai correspondent Anandan, “3-4 years ago, we visited Kilpauk lawyer Nalini Chidambaram’s office in person to interview. There were students and parents who expressed support for the NEET exam. There was a 10 minute delay to prepare the live. While waiting in the office, those present are spoke to me as to why you all are supporting NEET supporters you should with us” NEET supporters say to us.

That’s what we came for. We left saying we were posting everyone’s opinion and went live in 10 minutes. Those who were there at the time have taken video on their cell phones. Even last year the same video went viral with other information. Again, someone is planning and spreading like this. ”


In our search, video footage of NEET supporters speaking to a Puthiyathalaimurai news reporter happened 4 years ago which is being misrepresented now in the current corona situation.

Puthiyathalaimurai Reporter Anandan explains about the viral video taken. It is learned that the old video is being spread politically.

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