An old video from the anti-Nupur Sharma protest in Srinagar is falsely associated with the current NIT protest in Srinagar.


BIG NEWS – MASSIVE Protests erupted at NIT Srinagar, triggered by allegations of blasphemous remarks made by a Marathi Hindu student. His personal details have been leaked; his sister’s photos are being morphed and posted. Bloodthirsty slogans including “Sar Tan Se J…” were raised. Fatwa was also issued against students.

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The demonstrations against a student’s allegedly hurtful social media post against religious sentiments sparked protests at the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar on November 28.

In this case, a video of protesters holding signs that read “Our Prophet, Our Honour” and chanting slogans is currently making the rounds on social media. A man can be heard threatening people in the video. Some claiming to have seen the video said it depicted the most recent protests in Srinagar. One such similar claim can be viewed here.

What’s the truth?

A simple Google reverse image search of the circulating image revealed that it is old and from 2022. On 11 June 2022, an Instagram user namely @Kashmir_students uploaded the video with the caption “Peaceful protest held in Downtown Area of District Srinagar over the derogatory remarks made by suspended BJP spokesperson against Prophet Muhammad.” The post also added that the video is from @mufeed_hilal. This confirms that the video is more than a year old and not from the recent protests of NIT, Srinagar.

Additionally, as we continued our search, we came across the profile of “Mufeed Hilal” which stated that he was a multimedia journalist based in Kashmir who collaborated with @rising_kashmir. On June 11, 2022, he uploaded the viral video to his Instagram account under the same name.

Moreover, we looked up this person on X and discovered that on June 11, 2022, he posted images similar to the widely shared video. In the video, protesters and banners from this post are also visible.

Nupur Sharma offended Muslims in 2022 when she made disparaging remarks about the Prophet Muhammad during a TV debate. This caused a strong backlash in India as well as in a number of Gulf nations.

All this makes it even clearer that the video and image that are circulating are outdated and untruely associated with the current protest in Srinagar.


We therefore draw the conclusion that the picture and video purporting to depict the recent protest in NIT Srinagar is inaccurate and deceptive. The video is actually from a protest against Nupur Sharma in 2022, and it is unrelated to the recent protest.

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