Old, unrelated video shared to claim wrestlers’ protest gained support from all over India.


Support from all over India. #wrestlersprotest #IStandWithMyChampions

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Wrestlers are protesting against Wrestling Federation of India President, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh at Jantar Mantar over sexual harassment case. The police have registered an FIR case where the wrestlers demand his arrest saying that they will not stop the protest till then.

Meanwhile, a 15-second video clip of a crowd gathered in a place is shared by many to claim that wrestlers’ protest is gaining support from all over the country. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. Wrestler Sakshi Malik shared the same video clip with the same claim initially and deleted the tweet later.

What is the truth?

When searching through the comments section it is found that the video is old and unrelated to the ongoing wrestlers’ protest.  One of the Twitter users quote Sakshi Malik’s tweet as a fake video and mentioned a link to the old tweet carrying the viral video. He mentioned the video as an OBC rally from Jaipur in 2022.

The tweet by Arvind Chotia dated 30, September 2022 carries the extended version of the viral video with the caption in Hindi “जयपुर में ओबीसी वर्ग का रैला” roughly translated as “OBC class rally in Jaipur”.

Another tweet by Nanga Ram Jakhar is also found mentioning the video from the OBC rally in Jaipur. The video is tweeted in September 2022.

When searching for the OBC rally organized in Jaipur in September 2022, we found multiple news reports mentioning it. But we could not find the viral video in any of the news reports. However, old tweets dated September 2022 carrying the viral video show that the video is not recent and is unrelated to the ongoing wrestlers’ protest.

Youturn fact-checked other claims that were spread relating to the wrestlers’ protest at Jantar Mantar and the articles can be read by clicking the links below.

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Edited image from Wrestler’s protest is shared to claim Mia Khalifa joined the protests.


It is found that an old and unrelated video of crowded people is shared to falsely claim that the wrestlers’ protest has gained support from all over India.

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