Old unrelated videos are shared linking with the recent Israel Palestine war


Claim: 1

This is not Diwali fireworks. This is Israel’s response to Hamas. Well Done….Great Retaliation #IsraelUnderAttack #IndiaWithIsrael

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Claim: 2

Hamas fires a salvo at Israel.

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Claim: 3

Allah Hu Akbar & then beheaded the innocent kid.. They’re not humans, their faith makes them worse than animals… So called “secular-liberals” are supporting these p!gs? (Watch it at your own risk) #IsraelUnderAttack #IslamIsTheProblem #HamasTerrorists

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Claim: 4

Thousands of activists rallied in Chicago in the US to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and the Gaza Strip. #GazaUnderAttack

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Last Saturday 7 October, Palestinian militant organisation Hamas attacks on Israel left at least 400 people dead, retaliatory attacks from Israel have led to the deaths of more than 300 people in the Gaza Strip as of Sunday. This incident marked one of the deadliest days of violence in Israel since the 1973.

In the wake of these deadly attacks happened in Israel the internet is flooded with so many scary and heartbreaking video footages linked with the incident. There are five viral claims above, where in the first we see a fireworks saying that this is not diwali, but Israel’s response to Hamas. This can be seen here and here.

Secondly, we see a 30 second footage showing a continuous salvo in the air with the claim stating that Hamas fires salvo at Israel can be seen here, here, and here.

In the third claim, we see a horrible blurred video of a man beheading a kid in a truck’ back claiming that it happened in Israel under the attack of Palestine can be seen here and here.

In the fourth claim, we see a crowd of people going on a march and this is posted saying, “Thousands of activists rallied in Chicago in the US to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and the Gaza Strip.” This can be seen here and here.

All these above claims are circulated with hashtags like Hamas, Israel, Israel under problem, Hamas terrorists, Gaza under attack, Israel under attack, Israel under fire, and many more.

Come, let’s check the authenticity of these above claims.

What’s the truth?


When we started our research using the keyframes of the viral video we were directed to the Instagram page namely, ‘We love Algerian football’ which has uploaded the same fireworks video, giving credits to another X user ‘youcef-lao.’ Here in the caption we can clearly see that they have mentioned “Algiers lit up by the IMPRESSIVE cracking of CR Belouizdad supporters who are celebrating their 4th championship title in a row.”

This clearly proves that the above fireworks is not related to the ongoing Hamas Israel attack. Also another X account has also shared this same fireworks stating ‘Mouloudia Alger 102th anniversary celebration.’ Again this makes more evident that the above fireworks display is happened in Algeria and not in Israel.


When we started our research, so many users in the comment section have pointed out this is an old video and we took that as a cue and found an Russian YouTube channel video titled as “IT WAS NOT CALM IN SYRIA THIS NIGHT.02/28/2020.” This clearly proves that the video is old and the original video was uploaded on 28 February 2020.

Moreover, this video is from Syria and not from the recent Palestine and Israel attack .


In this claim when we started our research using the relevant keywords, we were led to an article published on 19 July 2016 by a website namely ‘The Daily Beast. Com.’ “According to the report titled ‘U.S.-Backed ‘Moderate’ Rebels Behead a Child Near Aleppo” members of an American-backed rebel group in Syria beheaded a young child in a grisly execution video. The young boy, who appears to be prepubescent, is executed on the back of a pickup truck. There are two clips from the unsavory events. One shows five militants surrounding the boy. In the second, one of them stands over him on the truck and cuts the boy’s head off with a dull knife, raising it over his head. This same news was also covered by “The Times of Israel.”

This clearly proves that the video is very old and not related to the ongoing Israel Palestine war and you can see that truck in same red color in those viral videos.


When we started our research using various keyframes of the viral crowd march video, it led us to a post which was from 2021 shared by  a X user. Yes, there was indeed a solidarity march for Palestine from Chicago but the video is from 2021.

The above procession video was from Chicago organised to show their solidarity towards Palestine but its an old video from 2021 and not a recent one.

Thus, we found that all the above videos are not connected to the ongoing Israel Palestine war.


Therefore, we conclude with the available evidence that all the five claims are false and shared with misinformation on social media. Moreover the videos are old and doesn’t have any connection to the ongoing war between Hamas and Gazas.

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