An old video from BBC in 2019 shared as Chandrayaan-3 with misleading claims !



Listen to what BBC had to say about #Chandrayaan3 – Should India which lacks in Infrastructure and has extreme poverty, Should they be spending this much amount of money on a space program.

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Explanation : 

In this viral tweet posted by the user “Megh Updates” in his X account, we can see a 27-second long clip with the channel logo Videsh TV and BBC World News in it. When watching the video, we can hear the anchor asking the opposite person why India needs to spend this much money on a space program while they lack infrastructure with extreme poverty and more than 700 million people still don’t have access to toilets.

When this question is answered by the person he is heard saying well this topic has been debated over 30-40 years but the fact is, and the video ends there. This clip is all over social media now with the claims saying that look, what BBC has to say while our Chandrayaan-3 has been launched now.

This tweet is shared by many users which can be seen here and here. The more interesting thing is this sensational tweet was shared and commented on by Sir Anand Mahindra the chairperson of the Mahindra group too. Come let’s check the authenticity of this viral clip now.

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What’s the truth?

While we started our research using the relevant keyframes we found out that the video is an old version which is uploaded by Videsh TV. The video dates back to 22 July 2019 and it has around 2-minute 22-seconds length. This video is shared with a title ” BBC REACTION ON CHANDRAYAAN 2 :700 MILLION INDIANS DON’T HAVE TOILET WHY INDIA SPEND MONEY ON SPACE “. This clearly proves that the above viral clip is shared now with misleading claims as this video was shot during the launch of Chandrayaan-2 and not about the Chandrayaan-3.

Moreover, yesterday, 24 August, BBC itself published an article clarifying the above viral video with the headline, Fact Check – Four-year-old BBC video on Chandrayaan-3 misused.”  In the article, they said, “After Vikram Lander landed on the Moon, Indian social media, especially X which was earlier called Twitter, started sharing a distorted video broadcast by BBC in the year 2019.  The clipped video that started being shared was a discussion between a presenter of BBC World Television and an Indian correspondent of BBC, which was happening just before the launch of Chandrayaan-2 in 2019.

Furthermore, it can be clearly seen that this video is old, it has the logo of BBC World News on it, but the fact is that this channel is no longer broadcast. Many well-known people shared or commented on this misleading tweet, not knowing that it was a doctored video.” This further clarifies that the four-year-old BBC World News video has been wrongly shared as a fresh video after being cropped.

Also, yesterday 24 August 2023,  BBC News Press Team took to their X account and shared the same viral clip along the message stating, “This is an old clip from 2019.” They further added, “The BBC’s reporting of the #Chandrayaan3 yesterday can be seen here”, with their link.”

The above evidence clearly proves that, this whole viral clip is an old, cropped and edited version which is making rounds in the internet now during the successful launch of Chandrayaan-3.


Therefore, we conclude through our investigation that the above viral video is a from 2019 during Chandrayaan-2 launch which is falsely shared now along with the Chandrayaan-3 with misleading claims.

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