Old video from Gujarat is claimed to be from Tamil Nadu.

Following several false claims that Biharis are under attack in Tamil Nadu, another video from Gujarat is claimed to be from Tamil Nadu.




Recently, BJP Bihar indulged in a misinformation spree with which they claimed that Bihari migrant workers are being targeted in Tamil Nadu. The misinformation campaign claimed that there have been many violent attacks against Bihari workers in Tamil Nadu by the locals in which many are being killed. This led to several BJP party functionaries and others in social media to make similar claims with various videos. In this article, we have combined 3 such videos to check its authenticity.

What’s the truth ?

When we took the keyframes from the video and searched, we were able to find that the this video is from Gujarat. In Surendranagar, a district in Gujarat, two groups had a fight over a local dispute concerning catching of boars.

The two groups had demarcated limits amongst themselves where they have the right to catch wild boars. Since this was allegedly trespassed by one group, the dispute arose.  It soon escalated and resulted in a confrontation with swords and ramming cars into other group’s cars.

This incident happened in July 2022. Some of the news reports relating the incident can be seen here, here, here and here.

The video was published in Zee News’ official YouTube channel as well.

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An old video from Gujarat regarding a local dispute is used to claim that the video is from Tamil Nadu against the false allegations levelled by BJP Bihar that Biharis are under attack in Tamil Nadu.

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