2021 Kanyakumari flood video is falsely linked to Chennai cyclone Michaung


Sending prayers to Chennai as they face challenges. Meanwhile, the people of Chennai

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Cyclone Michaung devastated Chennai and three surrounding districts, reportedly resulting in the deaths of at least 17 people.

In this instance, several pictures and videos that purport to show the damage the cyclone caused to the city are making the rounds on social media. Many men and women can be seen sliding across the street and having fun in the stagnant floodwater in this 15-second viral video. A shared video suggested that the images were taken recently during the floods and cyclones in Chennai. The user also added in a mocking tone that people on social media are praying for Chennai while in reality, people are enjoying the waterlogged areas. One similar claim post can be seen here.

What’s the truth?

We discovered a YouTube video channel namely ‘Kaumudy Global’ with several clips of people having fun in flooded areas after doing a reverse search using the keyframes from the popular video. Also, this video was uploaded on 15, November 2021 with the caption, “Watch: Locals playing football, doing push-ups in gushing waters amid flood| Kanyakumari rains.”

The description part of the video clarifies that the video is from Kanyakumari and while the rescue operations are carried out by locals and volunteers some people in the area are celebrating the flood. This clarifies that the circulated video is unrelated to the recent Chennai cyclone Michaung.

As we narrowed down our search, we found a News 18 article with the same pictures of people sliding through flooded areas. The article was titled “Flooded Kanyakumari Streets Turn ‘Water Park’ As Youngsters Swim, Play Volleyball.” This article was published on 15, November 2021.

When we searched further we found a Facebook page namely ‘Kanyakumari Memes’ which uploaded this viral video on 13, November 2021 mentioning the location as Anjugramam, Kanyakumari.

All of this information makes it abundantly clear that the video that is circulating and purports to show the Chennai floods is entirely false. Actually, it is from the Kanyakumari floods of 2021.


We, therefore, conclude that the video is wholly untrue when it says that the people sliding in the flooded areas are from Chennai’s cyclone Michaung. Those clips are from the floods in Kanyakumari in 2021.

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